Over 30 stables providing horse, pony and even foaling facilities.

Field Farm Equestrian has over 30 stables providing horse, pony and even foaling facilities.  The Yard is split in to 5 'sub-yards'; Walcott, Inner, Teal, Middle and Bottom Yards, containing 4, 6 or 12 stables each. All yards are serviced by their own store facility within easy reach for feed, rug and grooming kit storage. Each yard is enclosed and either fenced or gated. If you are lucky enough to own more than one horse/pony we can usually accommodate your needs for them to be together. In addition, there is a large secure tack room, horse washbox with Drimee solarium, yard office, fridge and tea making facilities, a well maintained wash room with an industrial rug washer, tumble-dryer and six-bar rug dryer - non-bio detergent is supplied.  There is also shower room facilities, for Owners, equipped  with a hairdryer and basic toiletries.

Each horse is given one acre and a pony is given half an acre of good quality grassland paddock. There are water supplies by the paddocks for providing fresh water daily.

Menages & Cross Country Jumping

There are two, well-draining, all-weather floodlit arenas, both surfaced with premium sand and rubber or new surface sand and carpet fibre.  These are chain harrowed weekly to maintain the best quality riding surface which never floods!   Both menages have sets of Dressage Markers. Both ménages have mirrors to assist with the training of not only your horse but also yourself!   There is a full set of high quality polymer equestrian jumps and fillers.   A set of eight cross-country jumps are provided in an eight acre riding field over the road from the Yard.   There is plenty of off road hacking to the rear of the yard which leads out onto the Fens.  There is road hacking to the front of the yard.


We have our own in-house coach/instructor.  We also arrange for specialist ‘guest trainers’ to host clinics from time-to-time 

Horse Walker

We have a covered Horse Walker, the use of is included in the Livery Package. Great for maintaining winter fitness

Washbox with Hot Horse Shower

We have a covered horse Washbox with rubber matting, the use of is included in the Livery Package.  It is equipped with a hot horse shower and Drimee Solarium!

Lorry / Trailer Storage

We offer free parking for a trailer or horsebox BUT state that this is left at the Livery Owner's risk and Field Farm Equestrian is not held responsible for any damage or theft.

Tack Room

A large secure tack room is available. A Livery Owner receives 1 metre of space for storage of tack and kit. Items left in the tack room are done so at the Owner's risk. Field Farm Equestrian do not accept any liability for damages or theft. 

Separate feed, rug, grooming stores are provided in each yard.


Set of dressage boards and markers (40m x 20m) on grass surface